At Ferris, we are passionate about one-of-a-kind pieces and handmade jewelry. We are a group of designers from New York, Toronto, Dublin, and Manila who share a love for handmade jewelry. Since we live in opposite parts of the world, we started Ferris as on online boutique to showcase our exclusive jewelry pieces. Each of our pieces are handcrafted and uniquely designed. We get our inspiration from everyday things we are passionate about, and in turn we create one-of-a-kind pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. In the product description of each piece on our site, we include a short description about the designer and their inspiration for the piece. Want to know more about any of our pieces? Just ask! We love talking about our creations, and most of all, we love hearing from you!


Like a ferris wheel, we want our pieces to be iconic and bring amusement to those who wear and admire it from afar. Since we are composed of designers from all over the world, we thought a ferris wheel was appropriate to symbolize each one of us spinning around on different carts and coming together to create something iconic.